In abstract territory

Achuthan Kudallur

Achuthan Kudallur

Can you talk about your approach to abstract art?

Mine is a gradual entry to abstraction. I was a figurative painter earlier. There are still elements of nature and other forms in my painting. Now I do not need a reason to make a painting. I don’t make sketches or studies. It’s like learning music for many years and then singing. The colour leads me. If you try to control it, the space becomes dead.

How do you begin?

I spread one colour all over the canvas. In that, I slowly introduce other shades. Those shades look after themselves. If you force anything, then nothing can come of it. Sometimes, I put lines in a band. Two adjoining colours make a drawing. My forms are not geometrical. They are organic.

Do people try and identify forms in your painting?

They do something wrong. They start locating small shapes. They may find something — a tree, a human figure. Don’t look for these things, I tell them. Make all these disappear! Sense of order is not decided by rigid geometry. It is the total image.


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